69. 420. 666. 512. Est98.

zandria. sad as fuck and i aint even rad.

Anonymous asked: the chaos gets too much and I have no choice but to let the constellations bleed.


These would be perfect for slam.

Anonymous asked: (4)and broken little human beings like me we live like tornadoes and too-calm seas,trapped in a horrific dance between a beautiful and inspiring recovery andopening our windows just to feel the breeze and finding ourselves stepping out on that ledge, a deeper hunger in our hearts than anyone ever sees: this odd and sudden need to just become a brittle white chalk outline to paint these empty streets



Anonymous asked: I haven't gone through something awful, I am that something awful


Somehow I doubt that. People go through terrible things, that doesn’t make them a terrible person.

Anonymous asked: Thank you, I just write from the heart and from past exerences


You just have gone through something awful.

Anonymous asked: (2) she swallowed pills that took them away. She asked me if I believed in heaven and I said yes, and followed it with a don’t go without me. She shook away the smile on her face and said one day she’d meet me between the sea and the sun, I didn’t understand what the hell she meant so I just said okay. It wasn’tuntil the next day I called her in the morning and got no answer, no answer, no answer. The last time I caught a glimpse of her was when I set her ashes free, between the sun and the sea


Wow. These are powerful.


If you’re gonna keep being cute then you’ll have to kiss me, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

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